One day, not too far from now, we’re going to experience the greatest unemployment crisis in human history.  Whether that will be good or bad depends entirely on how we prepare for it.What happens when technology advances so far ahead that machine intelligence  can perform all human labor?  It may sound nice at first – perhaps even utopian – but the implications are more frightening than you might think.This topic popped up when we looked at jobs that robots should take over, including many occupations that involve sales, data research, and transportation. In response to that post, one of our readers, Dmitry, posed an interesting question:A much more pressing question is: what will “replaced” humans do? [Aside from the] ever-dwindling “elite” groups of creators, servitors and owners, there’ll be no “logical need” for the rest of the jobless – thus “non-earning” – population to exist in the capitalist paradigm.Great question! While nobody can say for sure, plenty of minds brighter than my own have explored what such a scenario might entail. Let’s see what’s in store for us.