Give them multiplication and division problems

Chapter 3, Lesson ten "prime and composite numbers"
 Here are some math problems
1. How many prime numbers are there between the numbers 1 to 50?
2. What is the smallest prime number?
3. How many prime numbers are greater than 50 but less than 100?
4. What is the sum of the first five prime numbers?
5. What is the sum of the first five composite number?

Chapter 5, Lesson five "simplifying fractions
Here is an example:
1. Simplify 2/4 in its lowest term by:
1. Find the lcf (least common factor)
if both 2 and 4 are divisible by 2, start dividing it, then there! Your answer is 1/2

1. Simplify 5/25 to its simplest from
2. Simplify 81/90 to the lowest term
3. Simplify 9/18 to its lowest term
4. Simplify 2/6 to the simplest term

I hope you can answer these! :)