3. She will give it to her mother
4. He will be blessed by Jesus
5. They will not give up
1. Teachers,Parents,Grandparents,etc. will get angry
2. Everyone (including the Lord) is happy 
She'll give it to her parents
4. Will have a blessing from Jesus and God
5. They will win
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Active voice to passive voice:

1)  We break the rules.(Simple Present tense)
     Passive:  The rules are broken by us.

2)  She will obey the law. (Simple future tense)
     Passive:  The law will be obeyed by her.

3)  Maria buys a fresh flower. (Simple present tense)
     Passive:  A fresh flower is bought by Maria.

4)  He is giving alms to the poor.  (Present progressive)
     Passive:  Alms are being given to the poor by him.

5) They have fought the rebels. (Present perfect)
     Passive:  Rebels have been fought by them.

(I checked your profile.  The questions you recently posted are about Active/Passive voice.)