1. What is the perimeter of a square table that is 1.76 m long on each side? 2. A swimming pool is 20.7 m long and 15.8 m wide. What is its perimeter? 3. Willy put a glass top that fits a rectangular table, which is 1 3/4 m long and 1 1/3 m wide. What is the perimeter of the glass top? 4. The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 115.5 cm. What is the perimeter of each side? 5. A rectangular door has a perimeter of 10.9 m. The door is 4.2 m long. How wide is the door?



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1)  7.04 m

2)  73 m

3)  6.17 m

4)  38.5 m

5)  1.25 m

CLICK image below to view solution.  Please remember the formula for finding Perimeter.
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