BornMarch 9, 1454
Florence, Republic of Florence, in present-day Italy
DiedFebruary 22, 1512
Seville, Crown of Castile, in present-day Spain
NationalityItalianOther namesAmérico Vespucio [es]
Americus Vespucius [la]
Américo Vespúcio [pt]
Alberigo Vespucci
OccupationMerchant, Explorer,CartographerKnown forDemonstrating that the New World was not Asia but a previously unknown fourthcontinent.[a]
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Amerigo Vespucci, a Florentine, described the lands he saw on several voyages, which led to the use of the name America (after Amerigo) for the new lands. Christopher Columbus was the first one who discovered the lands of America but then he sticked to his belief na ang nahanap niyang lands ay sa Asia, and not America. Pero maya-maya, pumasok sa scene si Amerigo Vespucci and proved na ang lands na akala nila all along ay Asia, ay hindi Asia kundi America and that's where America got its name, kay Amerigo (America).

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