Eulogy for Mother Nature

Mother Nature is slowly fading
Into the emptiness of "civilization."
The birds no longer sing of freedom,
But of sorrow and pain.
Lands are mangled and eaten by the steel-toothed tractors of man
And in their places are put condominiums and parking lots,
Shopping malls and golden arches.
Then, we try to connect with Mother Earth,
Interspersing bits and pieces of "untouched" land—
A few standing trees and shrubs, with a family of cardinals,
          Allowed to keep their home for today—
          Put on display as a dying part of our world
Between some new mega chain store and a strip mall.

She is lonely now,
Nobody to keep her company,
As everyone has somewhere they should’ve been five minutes ago.
They fly by in their mass-produced cars,
Polluting the world around them.
“There’s plenty of trees.
Let our children worry about that.”

Now, everywhere you look:
Concrete, asphalt, chain link fences.
The air is gray and brown with the pollution of years gone by.
It’s hard to breathe.
There is no more beauty in the world.