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=SUM - sum of the cells selected or the value entered.
=IF - (sorry, can't explain it well) States if the logical question (thingy) is true or not.
=MIN - selects the least value of the value entered or among the cells selected.
=MAX - selects the greatest value among the value's entered or among the cells selected
=AVERAGE - finds the average of the values entered or of the cells selected.

Try it on MS Excel and you'll see. ☺

=SUM (A9,A5,B6,F7,E8,F9,C2,D4)
=SUM (2419,2134,321)





I hope it help. ☺
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about the formula =IF , if the statement is true or not, well it's random okay? also, in typing the formula in the cell or in the formula box, make sure you'll put " (quotation marks thingy) if not, you'll get an error (#NAME?)
Thanks, don't worry, I just need to make my own definition and you helped. ☺
your welcome. ☺ hehe