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1. Harana - it is a form of courtship during the older times. This involves a man singing a love song to the girl he's courting as she stares or listens by the window. A man has a good chance when the girl invites him in or if she sings along.
2. Balitaw - It is a type of folk song in Cebu; therefore making it a Visayan song as well. This is a type of dance and a song where a man and a woman answers each other through the use of this traditional rhythm that Cebuanos tend to use. This is another form of courtship.
3. Kindiman - It's a type of love song that's widely used by the Filipinos as they sing a harana. This is usually done as the woman stares or listens by the window. A man must have a guitar and a good voice to passionately sing it.
4. Nationalistic Song - These are songs that are usually played during political or military events. This also includes the National Anthem that we tend to sing in schools.