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Guess and Check

12 + 5 = 17
63 + 5 = 68

68 ÷ 4 = 17
17 = 17 (True)

Sorry, I can't explain it well but really, I just guessed of a possible answer then check if it is right. 

Therefore, the answer to your question is 5 years.
saka po alam ko pong 63 po ang given.. kahit po malabo mata ko, may salamin naman po ako. kahit na madalas po ako nagkakamali, this time, I checked my answer and make sure that it's right. ☺
gosh... ma-dedelete na naman sagot ko for a wrong reason.
Okay, itatanong ko rin sa guro ko. Kahit kuya ko naguluhan sa'yo 
pasensya ka na, di ko ma-explain ng maayos. Pero sana talaga, maliwanagan ka po.
Okay darling.