I thinks it's pressure is 2.85 

this a problem on Boyles Law with a general formula of P1V1=P2V2. to get the formula that you are going to use take the unknown factor write it on the left of an equal sign then write those paired factors on the right side and use the remaining factor as divisor on the right side so your formula for the problem is P2=P1V1 /V2   = 0.95 atm X 1.5 L  / .75L =1.9 atm this will be your answer
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sorry I clicked on the add answer before im done. ill just finish it here.
after writing paired factors on the right side use the unpaired factor as your divisor for the problem on top your formula will be P2=P1V1
The formula is P2=P1V1 / V2 so its 0.95atm x 1.5L / .75L=1.9atm