If you had to write a set of rules for war, what would they be? The list of bullet points will help you think about rules covering all different aspects of war. Don’t forget – all sides in the war have to keep these rules. Think about how you want your soldiers and civilians to be treated.
• Captured soldiers – what will you do with them? How will you treat them?

• Hospitals in battle zones – will you allow them? Can they be attacked?

• Wounded soldiers (captured or on the battlefield) – what will you do with them?

• Weapons – what types are okay to use?

• Battlefield – what counts as the battle zone?

• Enemy civilians – can you target them? How will you treat them if you capture their town?

• Targets – what is it okay to shoot at or destroy?



• I'd set them as a bait against the opponent.
• I would allow Hospital zones and no, I won't allow the hospitals to be attacked.
• Wounded soldiers should make their way to the hospital on their own.
• Any weapons is okay as long as it is agreed upon the two parties.
• Battlefield? Depends.
• Enemy civilians are out of the battle.
• Targets? Anything is okay to shoot as long as it is in the battle zone except for the hospitals.