Yay a Vanoss fan! but here you go! THE FASTBALL Naturally, the first thing a pitcher learns how to do is throw hard. That, in fact, is a staple of the position, if you can’t consistently hit high marks, talented batter will eventually get a piece during an at-bat. This pitch should be the main focus of your softball training. Typically, your next most important pitch will be the CHANGEUP . Given that most pitchers use their fastball the most, any advanced pitcher will need an effective changeup to keep hitters off-balance. To throw this pitch, hold the ball deeper in your hand and fully grip your fingers around the ball. THE DROP PITCHThe drop pitch is tricky pitch used to fool hitter’s by its namesake -- watch as the floor falls out from under it! It’s thrown using nearly the same motion as the fastball, but instead, grip the ball aligned with the laces
SO HERE ARE 3 PITCHES hoped I helped!
I'm a Softball player but my position is ShortStopper. But i had a little knowledge with pitching .. When you hold the ball, make sure that your fingers will be formed C and when you released it from your knee with a force