A Weight of 150 lbs is placed on a smooth area place surface which makes an angle 35 degree with the horizontal the weight is held in placed by a string parallel to the surface and fastened of the top of the plane find the pull on the string the pull will be equal to the component of 150 pound parallel to the plane ?



Force = Weight / Sin 35° 
Force = 150 / Sin 35° 
Force = 261.52 lbs ◄ Ans 

Note: The force tend to increase because it is pulling the weight and at the same time it raise to an elevation of 35°increment. 
If the force is equal to the load(wt) then the block will be in equilibrium state or it will not move yet considering that friction is negligible & the plane is level to the ground. 

hope this helps 
Accoring to my prof the answer is 86.04 lbs so how can i find 86.04 ?
then cross multiply and you will get the answer