Outward adjective (GOING AWAY)› away from the ​centre:outward ​investment (= ​investment in other ​companies/​countries)We have the ​chance to ​build an outward-​looking ​Europe that ​lives up to ​its ​global ​responsibilities.Compareinward adjective› [before noun] going towards a ​particular ​place, ​rather than ​returning from it:The outward ​flight/​journey took eight ​hours.Comparereturn nounoutward adjective (ON OUTSIDE)› [before noun] ​relating to how ​people, ​situations, or things ​seem to be, ​rather than how they are inside:The outward ​appearance of the ​building has not ​changed at all in 200 ​years.If he is ​suffering, he ​certainly ​shows no outward ​sign of it.To all outward ​appearances everything was ​fine, but under the ​surface the ​marriage was very ​shaky.Compareinward adjective