Each of us has our own dreams which we think are good for us and for the betterment of our future.

    First it to graduate on my chosen field or course in college. Just as the saying goes by while I am studying education, "just stay calm and study education". As the matter of fact it will be the way of mine to become successful someday. And will stand firm to be my vocation and be confident to live while teaching and helping others.
    Second to help back my parents for the return and give them a life they ever wanted. Its because most of all they are working hard for me to achieve all I ever wanted. Thank them all the time were I will be do because they are always their for me on my ups and downs. They are the greatest hero for me.
    Lastly, become a great helper of all who needs to be one of the good disciple of our Lord. He gave us life, he gave us everything for the sake that He loved us more than He loved His only son. Even though the book would say its not easy to follow Christ but besides we can do even a little. I must do what is good which I wanted to do unto me also and I must live for somebody not living for anybody.