All you have to do is study hard and focus on it. Studying isn't so hard you don't need to memorize very single word on the subject. All you have to do is understand it. If you fail one subject, then study hard focusing could help you understand. Stay in a silent and peaceful room to avoid distractions ask friends or the people who are closest to you for some topics you can't understand. ^_^


By studying hard..
and do what ever things to be done.

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Just focus on your study and don't forget to submit your all needed to pass

STUDY WELL, and even study harder, but don't forget to play as well! :)

And of course, make sure you make all your school projects and submit them on time.

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Study early and often. ...
Develop and practice good study habits. ...
Know how you best study, learn material. ...
Study with friends to gain support, but… don't turn it into a social event. ...
Make sure work is done before socializing.