Overwhelm You with Facts and Statistics

Some individuals enjoy “intellectual bullying” by presuming to be the expert and most knowledgeable in certain areas. They take advantage of you by imposing alleged facts, statistics, and other data you may know little about. This can happen in sales and financial situations, in professional discussions and negotiations, as well as in social and relational arguments. By presuming expert power over you, the manipulator hopes to push through her or his agenda more convincingly. Some people use this technique for no other reason than to feel a sense of intellectual superiority.

ano ibig sabhin po nito ??



Intellectual bullying. It has something to do with persons who are "nagmamarunong". Kapag ikaw nagtanong about sa isang topic, most especially yung mga topic na hindi mo gaanong forte or yung kakaunti lang ang alam mo, dun sinasamantala yung intellectual bullying. How? By stating facts, researches, or any other useful datas na maaari nyang maisupalpal sayo. In that way, ma fifeel nilang mas matalino sila sayo. It's for their self satisfaction. Ikaw naman na nagtanong, mafifeel mong nanliliit ka sa sarili mo. Kaya ito considered bullying kasi maypag dedegrade na nangyayari.