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48° is the answer to your question.

Click the attachment. There I have a figure of intersected lines. We call it transversal when two parallel lines are intersected by a transversal line. I can't explain it well but I hope it help. 

Also, the reason why 48° is the answer because the bottom left and the top right are vertical angles. Vertical angles are congruent.


The bottom right and the top left measures 132° because they are also vertical angles, therefore, they are congruent. Also, the bottom left and the bottom right forms a linear pair, same as bottom left and top left, top right and bottom right, top right and top left, therefore, the sum of their angles measures 180°.  (Just more info's.)
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Thank you but the figure was two horizontal and one vertical I'm figuring out the measure
And I was talking about the top right 
it's just the same ☺ even if the figure is two horizontal and one vertical nor two vertical and one horizontal. ☺ 
just read my explanation ☺ and don't mind the figure I attached to.