The number of the edges of the cube is 8
The number of edges in a cube is 12.
4 + 4 + 2 + 2 = 12
Edges in the bases (total of 8)
Then the another two on the left, then another two on the right (total of 4). It may serve as the height/distance of each bases..

You can try it on actual, a rectangular box (no. of edges on a rectangular solid and cube is just the same so it will do the trick).
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but my teacher in math told me it's different
hmm... nope it's not.  If so, what did your teacher told you? how'd he/she explained the difference among them? ☺
also, can you please define them? ☺ 
sinubukan ko siya i check sa google at tama ka iba yung meaning sa sinabi sa amin ng teacher namin sa math at sa google ay iba ang definition
pasensya na po