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Francisco Engracio Alejandro Mercado, known as Francisco Mercado, is the Son of Juan Monica Mercado and Cerila Alejandro. He is the husband of Teodora de Quintos Alonso and the father of Saturnina Rizal-Hidalgo, Paciano Alonso Mercado, Narcisa Rizal-Lopez, Olimpia Rizal-Ubaldo, Lucia Rizal-Herbosa, Maria Alonso Mercado Rizal, Jose Rizal, Concepcion, Josefa, Trinidad “Trining” Rizal, Soledad Rizal and Jose. The Brothers of Francisco Mercado are Petrona Alejandro Mercado, Tomasa Alejandro Mercado, Potenciana Alejandro Mercado, Cornelia Alejandro Mercado, Casimiro Alejandro Mercado, Gregorio Fernando A. Mercado, Julian Alejandro Mercado, Gabriel Alejandro Mercado, Barcelisa Alejandro Mercado, Fausto Alejandro Mercado, Leoncio Alejandro Mercado and Gavino Alejandro Mercado.