V²= ?
V1+T2/T1 = V2 T1/T1 crash out the T1 over T1 and the formula is
V2= V1T2 over T1

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The combined gas law has no official founder; it is simply the incorporation of the three laws that was discovered. The combined gas law is a gas law that combines Gay-Lussac’s Law, Boyle’s Law and Charle’s Law.  Boyle’s law states that pressure is inversely proportional with volume at constant temperature. Charle’s law states that volume is directly proportional with temperature at constant pressure. And Gay-Lussac’s law shows that pressure is directly proportional with temperature at constant volume. The combination of these laws known now as combined gas law gives the ratio between the product of pressure-volume and the temperature of the system is constant. Which gives PV/T=k(constant). When comparing a substance under different conditions, the combined gas law becomes P1V1/T1 = P2V2/T2.