Slope intercept form is -->  y = mx+b (dapat gawing mong ganyan ung equation)

11x - 8y = 14 (ilipat mo si -8y sa kabila at si 14 naman sa kabila)
11x - 14 = 8y ( divide both sides with 8. bakit? kasi kailangang si y lang ang matira dahil yun ang hinihingi ng formula
(11/8)x - 14/8 = y

slope is m=11/8 (or 1 3/8) (sya ung number na nasa unahan ni x)
y intercept is b = -14/8 (or -1 3/4)

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Since you gave only one equation in the system, we'll assume that the other equation coincides with  11x - 8y = 14.

Therefore, the solutions are many or infinite.  There is no unique solution for the system, that is, unique value for x and for y.

You may write the solution as:

Domain = {x /x is an element of real numbers)
Interval notation: (⁻∞,  ⁺∞)

Range = (y / y is an element of real numbers)
Interval notation: (⁻∞, ⁺∞)

When you graph the system, the linear functions are overlapping, having the same slopes, y- and x- intercepts.

Please click image below to see the graph.   The three functions are in 3 different colors - purple, blue and red.