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Computers are probably on of the most important tools in the current generation. We are currently in the technology age, the time where everything and anything you do has a technological solution. 

As a student of Information Systems or basically an IT student I can tell you that computers sparked the change during the days of pen and paper. People realised that they can do away with the typewriter and type on a keyboard to output the typed letters on a screen. The computer revolutionised how people did their everyday tasks. Fast forward to present time, you will not see a person dependent on their computing device in the metro(e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop). One negative aspect of computers or computing devices to the world is the fact that they constantly change and in such a rapid pace that the world seems to change too quick for people to catch up. We all have to start learning to be on the edge and catch up with the growing trends of technology and how it can help us. 

The computing age has grown exponentially, now its time for us to grow exponentially with it. The computer is capable of many things, now its time for people to be able to utilise it to go beyond.