From a company that imports bee products from the United States through traders, Milea Bath and Body Wellness Essentials is now taking advantage of local resources on bee products manufacturing.

Imported bees wax, used as raw material for natural and organic personal care products cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, costs P 600 to P1,000 per kilo.

The locally-sourced only costs P150 to P400 per kilo.

Department of Agriculture noted the country imported 400 MT of honey (gathered by bees from plant nectars) in 2009 largely from Australia.

Apiservices reported the Philippines’ importation of bee products totaled to more than $1 billion from 1989 until over the last few years. It indicates brisk demand locally for bees’ natural sweetener and related products.

Bees wax is the natural wax that form the bee hive, the octagonal holes, or the house of honeybees.

The bees also produce propolis, a resinous mixture that bees gather from flowers, tree buds and other botanical sources, enabling it to prevent diseases and block off bacterial growth in the hive.

“The propolis is used as protection of bees from other predators. They use it as antiseptic in their hive to increase their immune system, but we can use it for our purpose, for human health protection,” said Dr. Cleofas Cervancia, University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) project leader for Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR)-funded apiculture program.

BAR has supported UPLB’s apiculture (beekeeping) program as it recognizes that the use of natural products as a way to natural healing has now become a global trend.

BAR Director Nicomedes P. Eleazar said beekeeping can generate livelihood in rural areas where there is hardly any jobs for folks that could also be protectors of farm lands and forests.

The market for it is also the growing, health-conscious individuals.

“We should tap our own local bee species and their by-products that have unique traits so we can market Filipino products that can capture a niche following in the global health and wellness market,” Eleazar said.

Aside from the bees wax, other beekeeping products are honey, pollen, and royal jelly.

good evening po tanong q lang po qng ano po ung vission mission jan ? tnx in advance thank you po :)



VISIONS: To lessen the import quantity of bee products.
                 To be globally competitive in the marketing of our local bee products.

MISSIONS: To generate new source of income for our jobless folks in the remote areas.