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That must be Boyle's law because the pressure and volume are inversely proportional.

solve the question by using the Boyle's law equation V1P2 = V2P2

P2 = ?
V1 = 1.5 L
P1 = 0.95 atm
V2 = 0.75 L

since the final pressure is unknown, thus you will use this formula

P2 = V1P1 / V2
= (1.5 L) (0.95 atm) / 0.75 L
= 1.9 atm

therefore the final pressure is 1.9 atm

since as you observed the volume is reduced then also the pressure would increase.

in Boyle's law pressure and volume are inversely proportional. the relationship between are when the pressure decreases also the volume increases, when the pressure increases volume decrease.

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