Square root sign then inside the sign is this:
(x2+x1) raise to the power of 2 (y2+y1)raise to the power of 2
x2 means x sub 2
x1 is x sub 1
y2 is y sub 2
y1 is y sub 1
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In Physics:

Distance = Rate × Time

In Cartesian plane, given two points (x₁, y₁) and (x₂, y₂)

Distance =  \sqrt{( x_{2}- x_{1}) ^{2} +( y_{2} -y _{1}) ^{2}    }
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Distance is equal to acceleration over time
Sorry about that,It should have been in apologies
It's also the same as rate.  It could be acceleration over time (you're correct) or velocity over time :-)  But since the question is posted in Math category, Distance formula is posted above. :-) As I've said, in Physics, you are right at distance is acceleration over time :-)