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Boyle's Law states that pressure (gas) is inversely proportional to its volume provided temperature is constant.
This means that if the pressure on a gas decreases its volume will increase.
In this question, the volume should be decreased to half, thus we should expect a higher pressure (may idea ka na na ang dapat mong makuhang sagot ay mas mataas sa original value ng pressure)

Boyle's law formula:
P/V=k (original na formula yan)
P1V1= P2V2 (ito yung formula pag may kailangang baguhin sa mga kung ano sa pressure or volume){note: ung mga numbers 1 at 2 dapat maliit lang sila at nakalagay sa ibabang part ng letters P at V}

P1V1 refers to the original quantity of volume and pressure.
P2V2 refers to the second quantity of vol and pressure

given: P1= 0.95 atm
           V1 = 1.5L
           V2= .75L (sabi s problem half daw ng orig n volume)
           P2 = ?
use P1V1=P2V2
.95atm (1.5L)= P2 (.75L)
divide both sides with .75L para maiwan na lang si P2
(.95atm*1.5L)/.75L = P2 solve
1.425 atm*L/.75L=P2
It needs 1.9 atm to decrease the gas' volume to half.
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In Boyle's law the volume and pressure is inversely proportional, as the volume decreases also the pressure increases, when the volume increases the pressure decreases.

first, let use the Boyle's law equation V1P1 = V2P2, where ,
V1 = the initial volume
P1 = the intial pressure
V2 = the final volume
P2 = the final pressure
they must be inversely proportional at constant temperature.


V1 = 1.5 L
P1 = 0.95 atm
V2 = 0.75 L ( change 1/2 to decimal)
V2 = ?

since the unknown is the P2 which is the final pressure then, use this formula of finding final pressure:

P2 = V1P1 / V2
= (1.5 L)(0.95 atm) / (0.75 L)
= 1.9 atm

therefore , the final pressure is needed to reduce it's volume 1/2 is 1.9 atm