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For Professional:
 (Multiple Choice) 

Parts of Speech (Grammar), Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension

In Math, fractions (mostly dissimilar fractions that you'd ask for more sheets of paper for solving), percent/decimals, and the basic operations.  There are Statistics problem (a data is presented; analyze the data), Geometry, Business Math (percentage, base, rate),too

Republic Act 673 (Code of Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees) and the Implementing Guidelines.

Philippine Constitution

Current Events

Sleep early before the exam date and be there at least an hour before the examination time.

Make sure that you bring your permit with official receipt, IDs, and other requirements on the list, especially if it's a pen and paper test.

Bring jacket or shawl if you're taking the Computer-Aided Test.  Just bring one to keep you warm.  

Make sure you know the exact location of the venue of exams.

Bring candies and water, if allowed.