There are a lot of public health care services and programs in our locality concerning with the health issues with regards to the nervous system,one of that is the Department of Health, an executive department of the philippine government whose responsible for ensuring access to basic health public services together with the Regional health care programs and campaigns just to alliviate and prevent some mental dis orders which is now very alarming that it could be more worse if we don't take any actions.

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The World Health Organization Assessment Instrument for Mental Health Systems (WHO-AIMS)
was used to collect information on the mental health system in the Philippines.
The Philippine Mental Health Policy was drafted in 2001 and signed by then Secretary of Health
Manuel Dayrit. It has the following policy statements: (1) leadership, (2) collaboration and
partnership, (3) empowerment and participation, (4) equity, (5) standards for quality mental health
services, (6) human resource development, (7) health service delivery system, (8) mental health care,
(9) stability and sustainability, (10) information system, (11) legislation, and (12) monitoring and
The philippine government collaborated to the world health organization for the implementation of  the comprehensive mental healt action plan of 2013-2020 that helps to alliviate and to abate stigma in our country or even in global communityl