Examples of parallelism within sentences:You need to work quickly and decisively.He was a prolific author, writing poems, short stories, novels, and screenplays.Like father, like son.This is not only just what I wanted, but also just what I needed.Congress needs to either reduce spending or raise taxes.She is sneaky and manipulative.In the parade the Boy Scouts presented the colors, the band marched and the mayor rode in a convertible.The escaped criminal was wanted dead or alive.Mother was very busy gathering the laundry, dusting the furniture and washing the dishes.Easy come, easy go.How you live your life is more important than how many millions you have.To survive you need: water, food and shelter.I want to have both a new house and a new wardrobe.For exercise, I prefer swimming to calisthenics.You may respond by calling, visiting or e-mailing.What goes around comes around.I am neither a Catholic nor a Protestant.My favorite foods are pizza, chocolate, steak and donuts.He likes television shows that have deep characters, interesting stories and good actors.My face is washed, my hair is combed and my teeth are brushed.We are giving away our furniture, selling our house and moving to Spain.Flying is fast, comfortable, and safe.To succeed in life, you need to take advantage of opportunities and to follow your dreams.The problem was not in planning or in development, but rather in production.Whether in class, at work or at home, Shasta was always busy.Vote for Thomas because he is intelligent, caring, honest and hardworking.

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