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1. Get Organized. 
2. Know the Expectations.
3. Designate a Study Area.
4. Develop a Study Plan.
5. Think Positively.
6. Create a Study Group. 
7. Practice Active Listening.
8. Review Test-Taking Strategies.
 9.Read Actively.
10. Look to the Future.

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1. Well my top one would be listening to music before studying. I found out that this helps. I watch brain games.
2. Is to prepare to chew gum. I also foundout. I watched it on how to win at everything.
3. Find a quiet and comfortable place to study.
(Sorry. I tried to click space but ended up pressing on enter) 3. Plan what you are about to study. 4. Stay focused. 5. Write notes! 6. Try to summarize it for last minute review. 7. Don't worry too much. 8. Relax and have confidence. 9. Always remember to adjust. 10. Try sleeping early.
thanks po :))))
Well, i have priorities, which for example is studying first and doing my homework before logging in, in any of the social sites (Facebook, Instagram, wattpad,etc).
doing my projects a week or two before deadline.
studying every night not only the night before the finals.
and lastly picking out who your friends are, those people will always influenced you on the way you study.