Crowning of the head of the baby
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1.During the first month there would be body development. Head and body appear and tiny arm  begin to form, followed by legs, the baby's heart is beating. Other internal organs are present in simple form and functioning as they grow. The second month Growing hands and feet - tiny fingers appear followed by the toes. Eyes and ears appeared in simple form, makes the first movements which can be detected by the mother's sensitive abdominal wall. Brain function Response to touch skeleton begins to turn into bone. The body is almost complete. The third month-gender is obvious Four to five months-Enlargement of baby , Hearing-responds to sound. The fifth month and beyond-Between this stage and birth the baby gain weight Fetal activity is affected when the mother is tired or under stress.  active when the mother is lying down at night. The mother feels the baby's kicking  

2.Childbirth First stage when contractions gradually open up the cervix . Second stage: when you push your baby out. Third stage when the placenta is out

3. Adolescence secondary sex characteristics will be observed like appearance of body hairs.

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