Identify the parts of circle.

1) Half as long as the diameter?
2) The distance around the circle?
3) A line segment connecting any two points of a circle ?
4) The line segment from the center of a circle to any points on the circle?
5) Twice as long as the radius?
6) The perimeter of a circle?
7)A chord that passes through the center of the circle?



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1.) radius
2.) circumference
3.) chord and diameter
4.) radius
5.) diameter

A chord is a line segment that is connecting the points on the circle without passing on the center, while the diameter is just the same as the chord BUT it passes on the center. There is no such perimeters for the circle but there is circumference.☺☺
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1)  radius
2)  circumference
3)  chord  (Diameter can also be a chord. It connects two points on a circle and passes through the center)
4)  radius
5)  diameter
6)  circumference
7  diameter