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If members of the family of a politician are all applying to become public servant in the community (barangay, town, city, province, country) in order for them to get wealthy and more wealthier.

* It cause more graft and corruption.

* It gives the people lesser opportunity to get a head in life because of graft and corruption.

Great example of Political Dynasty are the following:

1. The BINAYS in Makati City (father is the Vice President, mom is a senator, son was the current Makati City mayor, daughter is a congresswoman)

2. The EUSEBIOs of Pasig City (the husband was the former city mayor, then replaced by the wife (Marilyn Andaya Eusebio), and also other members of the family who also is holding position in the city.

3. The MARCOSes (former President Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda Romualdez Marcos (congresswoman), Imee Marcos Manutoc (congresswoman), Bongbong Marcos (senator).

4. The Revillas (formerly actor Ramon Revilla was a senator, then Bong Revilla (son) become a senator, then wife Lani Mercado become congresswoman of Cavite, then their son Bong and Lani's son is the current governor of Cavite.\

5. The ESTRADAS (Joseph Erap Estrada became the President, the his wife LOI Estrada became Senator, then Jinggoy became a senator, JV Ejercito Estrada (San Juan Mayor), George Estregan Jr, (Erap's nephew) is a governor in Laguna.


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