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Hyperbole is the use of exaggeration 
1. A million thanks is never enough for one big sacrifice.
2. I died a thousand deaths when my crush refused to dance with me.
3. Oh never, if i live a million, shall i feel such grievous pain.
4. She cried a river of tears when her mother died.
(A million thanks, A thousand deaths, A million, and A river of tears are exaggerations)
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Hmmmm ...... I'd rather die a thousand deaths than to live in that house.
pareho lang na "a thousand deaths" ehh?? pwede iba pa? :)
BILL GATES has enough money to feed an entire continent.

Here's another example of Hyperbole:

BILL GATES has enough money to feed an entire continent.

If I win the Lotto, am gonna buy of the the 50 States in America.