1. 2 angles of a triangle have measure of 50 and 100. Find the measure of the third angle.

2. 2 angles of a right triangle are congruent. Find the measure if the angles.

3. In ∆ ABC, if
4. Given 2 angles of a triangle, find the third.
a. 40, 60,__
b. 45, 68,__
c. 52, 64,__
d. 74, 65,__

5. In ∆ MYN,
6. In ∆ ABC,
7. Can a triangle have 2 right angles? Two obtuse angles? One right angle and one obtuse angle? Explain.

8. If two angles of a triangle have the same measures as two angles if another triangle, what can you say about the third angles?

9. What is the sum of the two acute angles of a right triangle? Why?

10. If one angle of triangle is greater than the sum of the other two angles, what kind of triangle is it?



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