The Little Prince - One of the two protagonists of the story. After leaving his home planet and his beloved rose, the prince journeys around the universe, ending up on Earth.

The Narrator - A lonely pilot who, while stranded in the desert, befriends the little prince. They spend eight days together in the desert before the little prince returns to his home planet. 

The Rose  -  A coquettish flower who has trouble expressing her love for the little prince and consequently drives him away. 

The Fox  -  Although the fox asks the little prince to tame him, the fox is in some ways the more knowledgeable of the two characters, and he helps steer the prince toward what is important in life. 

The Snake  -  The first character the prince meets on Earth, who ultimately sends the prince back to the heavens by biting him. 

The Baobabs -  Baobabs, harmless trees on Earth.

The King -  He is able to command people to do only what they already would do.

The Vain Man  -  The sole resident of the second planet the little prince visits. The vain man is lonely and craves admiration from all who pass by. 

The Drunkard -  Who spends his days and nights lost in a stupor. 

The Businessman -  Too busy even to greet his visitor, the businessman owns all the stars. 

The Lamplighter  -  The lamplighter is the only one the prince thinks he could befriend.

The Geographe -   Although the geographer is apparently well-read, he refuses to learn about his own planet, saying it is a job for explorers. 

The Railway Switchman  -  The railway switchman works at the hub for the enormous trains that rush back and forth carrying dissatisfied adults from one place to the other. 

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