Nervous system is known as communication system of the body, it control system of all activities in body.

Central Nervous System is a division of Nervous system. which comprises the brain and the spinal cord.
-known as the main processing center for the entire nervous system.

a.) Brain is a whitish tissue, controls all necessary function of the body.

three main parts:

•Cerebrum - large part of the brain. controls activity and thoughts.
•Cerebellum - a part under a cerebrum the control balance,posture, and coordination.
•Brain stem - also referred as "primitive" parts of brain located at the top of spinal column, responsible for controlling automatic function such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure,digestion, and alertness.

b.) Spinal cord - serves as a channel for signals between the brain and rest of the body, and controls simple muscoskeletal reflexes without input from the brain.

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