How much does William earn for working 10 hours if his regular salary for 8 hours work is P 12,500.00 ?

If the problem states "regular salary for 8 hours", it means that an overtime rate should be applied to hours worked in excess of 8 hours.  Under the Philippine law, regular overtime rate is 25% of each hour based on regular salary.  If you did not specify regular salary for 8 hours, then i think there's no overtime rate.
Also, if that's a regular salary for 8 hours, is that daily or monthly salary for 8-hour work a day?  


P1,562.5 per hour
thank you so much :) but is there any solution for this ? hehe thanks :D
It should be the total salary for 8 hours divide it by the total of hours which is 8 ,then you'll get 1562.5/hour 
After that you multiply it by 10 
You got the answer of 15
You got the answer of 15625 salary for 10 hours