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The process of respiration takes place inside the cell that is why it is also called as cellular respiration. Inhalation and exhalation is involved in the respiration process. The gases that has been drawn to the lungs will be sorted while the oxygen is being absorbed by blood and the removal of the carbon dioxide also happens during the respiration process.
There are two types of respiration these are external respiration and internal or cellular respiration. External respiration is the exchange of gases between the body and the environment through inhalation that is allowing gaseous materials to enter the lungs then oxygen diffuses to the capillaries surrounding the air sacs and exhalation where the other gases together with carbon dioxide are expelled from the body. while in internal respiration or cellular respiration this is where oxygen is absorbed by the cells and is utilized to burn the nutrients absorbed by the cells to give off energy in the form of ATP ( adenosine triphosphate) a chemical form of energy that is utilized  by the cells during cellular activities