Other room.
sleeps will sleep is sleeping have been sleeping
2. You look great! (you, exercise) __have you been exercising___ at the fitness center?
Are you exercising Do you exercise Will you exercise Have you been exercising
3. The pair of shoes I bought ____is_ on sale.
Is Are This That
4. My mother felt really tired after shopping, _____so she went to bed early.
so because since but
5. ____a_ church on the corner is beautiful.
A An The None of the above
6. She went to _____ Netherlands to study.
a an the none of the above
7. What ____would_ you do every Sunday?
does do will would
8. You know, I ____dont_ like to watch TV. There is a good film on.
doesn't don't will would
9. Their (baby) _____ in the crib are playing.
babies babyes babys baby
10. The police arrested five (thief) _____ yesterday.
thiefs thieves thiefes thief
11. They (study) _____ in the US five years ago.
studied have studied will study had studied
12. My husband (work) _____ the whole night yesterday.
works have worked will work worked
13. He (like) _____ eating chocolate.
liked like likes will like
14. It (look) _____ like it's going to rain.
look looks looked will look
15. They (input) _____ the information in the database yesterday.
inputted have inputted input have input
16. They have (go) _____ home already.
went gone had gone go
17. All the (passer-by) _____ looked at the bridge before they crossed the street.
passers-by passers-bys passer-by passer-bys
18. My mom bought a lot of new (furniture) _____ .
furnitures furniture's furniture none of the above
19. Did you attend _____ party last night?
Ryan & Rachel Ryan & Rachel's Ryan's & Rachel's Ryan's & Rachel
20. The dog has _____ own collar.
its it's her his

are studying 2. has been raining 3. is this 4. but 5. the 6. none of the above 7. does 8. has 9. babies 10. wives 11. studied 12 played 13. loves 14 feels 15. put 16. have given 17. sisters in law 18furnitures 19. Mary's and Jane's 20. its



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Here are the answers for the questions above:

2. have you been
3. is
4. so 
5. A
6. the
7. will
8. don't
9. babies
10. thieves
11. have studied
12. worked
14. looks
15. input
16. gone
17. passers-by
18. furnitures
19. Ryan & Rachel's 
20. its