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If the movie/ book you're talking about is The Little Prince

Little Prince - Met the old man in the desert. Once he asks a question he will need an answer. He grew up and became a janitor.
Little Girl - A determined individual. She kept coming to the old man's house because she wanted to know more of the story. She went to outer space and saved the little prince.
Old Man - an old man. He met the Little prince (Let's call him LP for now. hehe) in the desert. He was rushed to the hospital when the girl was going home. He was building an airplane so he could find the LP.
Mother - Very obsessive. She made a life plan for the little girl so she will be happy. Little did she know that the girl was not doing the things in the life plan after the little girl kept visiting the old man.
The Star Collector (sorry. don't know his name) - He collects stars and buys them. He uses stars to convert it to power.

LP - He can talk to plants, and animals. He met the old man in the desert. Once he asks a question he'll not let go.
Old Man - Met the LP in the desert. He crash landed in the desert. Once the LP returned to his planet, he rode on his fixed airplane and went home.
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