Would rebooting my laptop remove and permanently destroy batch files? You know, those type of batch files that keeps on bugging your laptop's performance rate. In my case, someone placed one on my pc which disconnects me from all my media and configures my whole ip address. I have tried using some virus removers or whatnot to my pc and it clearly cannot detect this batch file. Rebooting is the only last thing I can think of right now other than going to a repair shop or what. I also searched about this thing and it is a beginner's hacking thingy. I tried deleting it but it don't seem like the solution.



To restart (or reboot) a system means that the computer goes through a complete shutdown process, then starts back up again. This is frequently required after software installations or during troubleshooting. This is the basic troubleshooting that we can do before we visit any repair shops.