Mr. Cruz owns a triangular lot on the corner of two crossing streets which intersects at an angle of 76 degrees. The front part of the lot, measured along one of the streets, is 180 meters long; while the non front part is 160 meters, measured along the other street. If the land is worth Php 500.00 per square meter, and he has Php 600,000., by how much additional length can Mr. Cruz extend his lot on the 160 meters side?



Solution: A1= 1/2bh A1= 1/2(160)(180sin76) A1= 13,972.258 square meters A2= php 600,000/php 500. 00 A2= 1,200 per square meters AT= A1+A2 AT= 13,972.258 + 1,200 AT= 15,172.258 square meters AT=1/2 (b+x)(180sin76) 2(15,172.258)=(160+x)(180sin76) X= 2(15,172.258sq.meters) over 180sin76 minus 160m Answer: x= 13. 734m