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62.5 is greater than 62.35

The tenths value in 62.5 is 5 tenths, while in 62.35 the tenths value is 3 tenths.

5 tenths is greater than 3 tenths.
62.5 is greater. Can be 62.50 or you can add more zeroes at the end
If you would read again, may answer is 62.5 is greater than 62.35. I compared the tenths value without adding zero to the hundredths value because it's not necessary. What I taught here is to compare the decimal place values between the two numbers, without expanding by adding zeros because it's easier. Am I not correct when I say that 5 tenths is greater than 3 tenths when I compare the tenths place value of the two numbers?
But yes, you are also correct :-)
62.5 because if you expand it the answer wil beĀ