I'm sorry I haven't been writing to you in a while but that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about you each second so today I couldn't help but write to you and tell you the feelings are still the same. Loving you, is like loving the nothing. How can one long for whom they’ve never met, or love one so deeply, if they’ve never laid eyes upon? Deep inside I know you must exist, for these feelings within, could not possibly hold such a weight upon my heart, if they were not meant to be shared with another. I know you, yet we’ve never met. I’ve dreamt of you, although I’ve never seen your face. I miss you, I long for you. Your the one I’ve already given my whole heart to, even though you have not felt it. Your the one I will continue to wait for, however long that may be. Whoever you are, wherever you are in the world, know that I am searching for you, but yet again I've found you because I feel you yearning, Know that you are not alone. I am here, and I am waiting, for the day we both say hello