The pin doesn't belong to the rest of the things being mentioned, simply because pin isn't used to cut things unlike scissors, knife, and axe.
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Scissors,  Pin,  Knife, and  Axe are examples of wedges (a simple machine). Wedge is a simple machine that can either separate/cut things apart or hold things together.  Among the 4 options above, 3 of them can separate things apart and 1 holds a thing together.

Scissors, Knife, and Axe separates things while Pin holds things together.

Thus, the answer is pin.

Other examples of wedges that are used for separating might be a shovel, a pick axe, a saw, a needle, or an ice pick. Other examples of wedges that can hold  things together as in the case of a staple, push pins, tack, or a nail.

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