Ariel, Alex, and Dana form a business agreement in which Ariel receives 20% of profits, Alex receives 70% of profits, and Dana receives the remaining 10%. The total profits for the month of June were $6,600. How much more would Dana receive if the profits were divided equally?

A. $1,540
B. $1,820
C. $1,900
D. $2,180
E. $2,200
F. None of these

Answer: A- Per the current agreement, Dana receives 10% of $6,600, which is $6,600* 0.10 = $660. If the profits were divided equally among all three people, Dana would have received one-third of the total profits, which is $6,600*/3=$2,200. Therefore, she would have made $2,200-$660= $1,540 more if the profits were divided equally.

Basic Arithmetic – Working with US MoneyCount the money. How much money is there?

A. $3.90
B. $3.95
C. $4.05
D. $4.10

Answer: C- If we add up each bill or coin with that match in type, we will get:





Add the sums of each bill or coin to find the entire sum: $3.00+$0.50+$0.15+$0.40=$4.05

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Administrative and Clerical
 Arrange the following items in alphabetical order for filing:

Michael JordanJanis JoplinMichael JacksonJennifer Lopez
A. 4, 3, 2, 1
B. 2, 4, 3, 1
C. 3, 2, 1, 4
D. 3, 1, 2, 4

Answer: C- Filing is done according to the first letter of the last name in alphabetical order. When the first letters are the same, the filing is done according to the second letter, and so on. When last names are identical, filing is done according to the first name and then the middle name.

The names rewritten for alphabetic filing:

Jordan, Michael; Joplin, Janis; Jackson, Michael; Lopez, Jennifer.

Arranged by alphabetic order:
Jackson, Michael; Joplin, Janis; Jordan, Michael; Lopez, Jennifer.
Grammar – Written Materials AnalysisAnswer the question that follows the passage:

What change, if any, is needed in line 3?

A. Change "process" to "processes"
B. Add a comma after "forever"
C. Change "went" to "goes"
D. No change is needed

Answer: C- The sentence should read: "It goes on forever without any break or barrier." Though the sentence is grammatically correct, "went" is past tense, which is not suitable as the paragraph is written in present tense.

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Review the following:
1)  Operations on Fractions and Problem Solving, Multi-operation problems (PEMDAS), Money Problems (involving interest, commission, rate of interest, etc.).  
2)  Republic Act 6713 (Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees)
3)  Grammar and Reading Comprehension (both English and Filipino)
4)  Statistics, Analysis of Graph (Learn how to read graph), comparing data
6) Currents events 

(CSC Professional passer, CAT or Computer-Aided Test)