I really need your help, this is so... hard and this is my homework.

1. If 288 is separated into three parts in the ratio 4:5:7, what is the midle part?
A. 20 B. 42 C. 72 D. 90 E. 126

2. The total of freshman in Philippine Science High Schools is 210.If 40% of the students came from public schools and 2/3 of these are girls, how many are boys?
A. 56 B. 54 C. 46 D. 90 E. 28

3.Kevin received grades of 90,88, and 75 on the three tests.What grade must he receive in the next test so that his average for these four tests is 85?
A. 87 B. 88 C. 89 D. 90 E. 91

4. A mother is 9 times as old as his son.In 3 yrs. she will only be 6 times as old as her son.Find the mother's present age?
A. 27 B. 30 C. 36 D. 45 E. 53

5. Jemalle's age is 3 yrs. greater than half Jasmine's age.If the sum of their ages is 24, how old is Jasmine?
A. 12 B. 13 C. 14 D. 15 E. 16

6. In a sequence of starts and stops, an elevator travels from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor.From there, the elevator travels to the 4th floor and then to the 3rd floor.If the floors are three meters apart, how far has the elevator traveled?
A. 18m B. 27m C. 30m D. 45m

7. Freight charges of a certain courier company as follows:
Php. 35.50 for the 1st 5 kg.
Php. 28.00 for each succeeding kg. of package
What amount would be changed on a package that weighs 32.5 kg?
A. Php. 1,087.50 B. Php. 1047.50 C. Php. 947.50 E. Php.887.50

I can say that this is not a regular homework since the questions are not under a similar topic. This is a reviewer for PSHS and other Science High Schools entrance exam. If you can not solve this on your own, then you'll have a hard solving for more complex questions in the actual qualifying test :-( Or maybe, you're reviewing/training for MTAP elimination round. Practice solving similar questions.
Yeah you're right.Math problems are my hardest.


Answer to question #1 is D.90
Answer to question #2 is E.28
Answer to question #3 is A.87
Answer to question #5 is C.14

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1) D. 90
2) E. 28
3) A. 87
4) D. 45
5) C. 14
6) 15 meters (not in the choices)
7) Php 805.50 (not in the choices)

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