Transcript of The Path of Oxygen and Carbon DioxideThe Path of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide In order for your cells to stay alive they need a gas called oxygen.
Oxygen gets into your body through a process called respiration. The Path of Oxygen When you inhale, your Diaphragm contracts (moves down) and causes a drop in air pressure. Higher pressured air rushes in from outside, bringing in oxygen. The Path of Oxygen The oxygen comes into the body through the Nose or Mouth. The nose is a better way to inhale because there are tiny little hairs that filter out unwanted substances and the air is warmed versus just going in through the mouth. The Path of Oxygen After the oxygen enters the body through the nose or mouth, it goes down the Windpipe (Trachea). The Path of Oxygen Trachea Once the air gets to the end of the windpipe, it enters theĀ 
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